CSR Policy

The Nigeria Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (hereinafter referred to as “NLPGA”) has adopted Corporate Social Responsibility (hereinafter referred to as “CSR”) as a strategic tool to promote the growth of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as the cleanest, safest, most affordable and efficient fuel for cooking.

CSR Vision


At the NLPGA, we are committed to the vision of giving back to the society and in fulfilment of our role as a socially responsible Association by expanding access to LPG and bringing this modern alternative to the people who need it the most.


CSR Objectives


The main objective of this CSR Policy is to lay down guidelines for the Association to make CSR one of its key processes for supporting sustainable development and the promotion of LPG as a powerful tool for socio-economic development and the empowerment of Nigerians.


The CSR initiative of the NLPGA will bring the clean energy campaign to people's doorsteps and give them the opportunity to see for themselves what improvements to fuel efficiency, health, and the environment are possible with the use of LPG.


The CSR objectives also ties into the Cooking For Life Campaign of the WLPGA, which aims to facilitate the transition of ONE BILLION people from cooking with traditional fuels as well as other dirty and dangerous fuels to cleaner-burning LPG by 2030.




Disqualifying Activities


  1. The activities undertaken in pursuance of normal course of business activities of the Association.


  1. CSR projects / programs or activities that benefit only the members of the Association.


  1. Any contribution directly / indirectly to political parties or any funds directed towards political parties or political causes.


  1. Any CSR projects / programs or activities undertaken outside Nigeria.



CSR Activities


The Association may undertake CSR activities such as but not limited to the following:


1. Firewood to LP Gas Kitchen Conversion. Also, other forms of gas kitchen upgrades to safer equipment (introduction of flame failure devices; copper plumbing etc.).


2. LP Gas Cylinder and Accessories Distribution.


3. LP Gas Cooking Competition within or amongst educational and vocational institutions.


4. LP Gas Safety training for Government Agencies, Industry Regulators, Charities, NGOs etc.



Modalities of Execution


CSR activities may be initiated / implemented / executed:


i) By the NLPGA or


ii) Through or in Partnership with:


a) Registered NLPGA Member Organisations


b) Non-profit Organisations


c) Three (3) tiers of Government / Public & Private Sector





Modalities of Implementation (Firewood to Gas Conversion)


1. Identify CSR project - Orphanage / Secondary School / IDP Camp

2. Inspect and evaluate of the LPG Conversion Project (need assessment analysis)

  • Kitchen renovation – furniture, plumbing works and utensils
  • Cooking Gas system

3. For each of the CSR Projects, the time period / duration of completion, project   

    purpose, nature of spending, extent of coverage, modalities of execution and

    implementation schedules should be determined.

4. Seek the Partnership / support of the NLPGA / State Governments / NGOs for

    the execution of the project.


5. Draw up the modalities for the maintenance (Gas Supply) of the Kitchen after

    conversion in conjunction with the relevant Authorities (Orphanage

    Administrators / Directors, School Alumni) through direct funding and / or

    Enlightment programs about how traditional fuels negatively affect everyday life

    among the world’s most vulnerable.

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